What We Do

Samsung Design Membership organizes a wide range of programs that help students learn and grow. Once you join as a new member, you will start your activities with the Foundation Course that shares its vision and equips you with the basics. You can take advantage of the Intensive Course and MEP Course that are organized during vacation periods, improve in professional design abilities and capabilities in convergence, and even gain practical skills for field work through Samsung Project. Furthermore, you will get to experience what it’s like to proactively operate Samsung Design Membership through voluntary Membership Council activities that set its own goals and activities.

Design Programs

Samsung Design Membership organizes a wide range of design programs. Members will grow closer to becoming a professional designer as they experience each course to improve on their capabilities, knowledge, and sense for design.

This is an image of members implementing the project together.

Foundation Course

The Foundation Course is the first program you will experience when becoming a new member, during which you will gain understanding of Samsung Design Membership’s vision and receive training for basic capabilities. This course helps new members clearly perceive their role in the membership and builds a foundation for successful growth and improvement. It also provides an excellent opportunity for members to gain deep insight on their involvement with Samsung Design Membership through diverse methods of self-reflection.

This is an image of members listening to someone’s presentation.

Intensive Course

The Intensive Course is a program available over winter vacation in which members can study design practices and know-hows while carrying out personal projects with design tutors from specific fields. The Intensive Course provides seminars on design practices for each field of study for members to gain deeper understanding on their fields of expertise to further grow as professional designers. Furthermore, members themselves can explore creative values in their pertaining professional fields and develop their own capabilities through personal projects.

Pillared stuffs
Hyerim Kim

Every object has its unique purpose. We should not assume that designers are the only ones who define an object’s purpose. ‹Pillared stuffs› proposes diverse possibilities within a single form through variations in placement, formative elements based on usability, and minute details. ‹Pillared stuffs› is a design that organically matures through the process of users experiencing the joys of understanding and identifying their objects through these possibilities.

Minseoung Woo

‹Signal› is a video capturing and editing service that takes ‘Studying Timelapse’ videos, which is a method used by students to focus on their studies. Signal helps parents understand and communicate with their children through this study method. It motivates students by giving rewards when they take videos and share it, and through these rewards, students can create cards to better communicate with their parents.

Hyunkyung Jung

‹mivv› is an AI investigation service that handles the process of testifying in sexual offense cases. An application with guides is provided to the victim and ‹mivv› serves as an AI investigator that conducts its investigation based on a conversation system design. The testimonial process can be monitored in real-time and be given feedback by the human investigator who oversees the process. Through an objective analysis that focuses on the victim’s perspective, ‹mivv› can prevent secondary victimizations that can potential occur during the investigation process.

Ian Bok

Alog is a recorder and an AI speaker designed to encapsulate memories with sound for the visually impaired who cannot produce memories through photos. As technology advances, we’ve come to utilizing digital devices with diverse functions in our daily lives. However, there aren’t many types of devices that are used regularly by the visually impaired. Alog combines features such as noise cancellation and an AI speaker with the functionality of cassette tapes and recorders to demonstrate the optimal usability for the visually impaired when recording memories.

Jinwon Lee

Bloomy is a smartwatch that allows smooth communication for people with hearing impairment. When the user’s name is called, the watch responds immediately and alerts the user. With the built-in 4-way mic and a micro beam projector, the user can also verify the source of the sound and its direction. The application also simplifies storing and managing past conversations. Conversations will now become precious memories rather than moments that are deliberately avoided.

Junghyun Bang

The ‘Empty Nest Syndrome’ is a symptom of depression in which a housewife perceives herself as an ‘empty eggshell’ after her children leave the house. Discovering one’s true identity is a way of overcoming this symptom, but the process is difficult for someone who always prioritized the family. Sheft provides services to help people facing this impediment become self-reliant. Going beyond the purpose of simple education or sharing hobbies, Sheft will assist you in becoming independent through direct and continuous care.

Kyudae Lee

Lighthouse is a Nose-walk robot guide that is designed to brighten the lives of senior dogs like a lighthouse that illuminates the path in a dark sea. This product gifts new lives to older dogs that suffer from cognitive impairment or depression due to their deteriorated visual and auditory senses through playful activities based on their olfactory senses. Lighthouse helps these dogs perceive paths within a home using scents from nature, assisting elderly dogs to once again live stable, active, and fulfilling lives.

Sukyung Kim

Oliver is a service for drivers with ADHD, a condition that is on the rise in recent years. This service predicts and prevents accidents by analyzing handling and braking patterns that result from emotional responses to different situations when driving. Furthermore, this service takes meticulous care of the overall driving experience by providing Nodding Interactions that improve on the disadvantages of VUI, as well as prevention of secondary accidents such as delayed schedules due to initial accidents.

Our News
Seoungyeon Roh

As technology advances, the information gap between the elderly and the younger generation grows wider and deeper. This gap is most apparent in the communication methods between these two generations. Our News proposes a new way for these generations to interact with each other without drastically altering their ways of life. The younger generation can send messages as if they’re writing a social media post, and their grandparents can receive these messages as if they are reading it from a monthly subscribed newspaper.

These are images of the project named Memorize.
Saewook Oh

Memorize is a product that bridges the gap between past and present by collecting and clarify-ing fuzzy, fragmented memories from the past. Once you connect it to a smartphone, various data from photographs, conversations, and music are transferred and stored to Memorize for display. Everyday moments that would have been distorted pieces of memory are now vividly portrayed before you when you activate the product.

These are images of the project named Pasy
Jinwoo Park

PASY is a personal reading pacemaker that helps reading become a more enjoyable activity for those who are accustomed to obtaining knowledge through card news or short videos. Users can comprehend the contents of a book through snack cards that contain passages from the book or through comment threads between readers. You can also save snippets you like when reading the book as snack contents to share your sensibilities with others. Reading is now no longer a personal hobby but a channel through which you can communicate with others.

These are images of the project named Heart Caster
Heart Caster
Jiseon Oh

Heart Caster is a service that manages friendly calls based on emotional sentiments predicted with the number of calls made. The service analyzes call histories with your parents to predict their emotional states and display it visually in the form of a weather report. You can register and use this service for people whom you wish to call regularly. Heart Caster is a service that helps the emotional weather of your loved ones to always stay ‘sunny.’

This is an image of the MEP Course Exhibition called ‘The Discovery for Coexistence’ held in 2018.

MEP Course

The MEP(Membership Emergence Project) course is a program held over the summer through which members can gain new insights based on their unique design values by partaking in team-based activities that span the entire scope of planning, designing, to development in various fields including product, visual, and experiential design. Members choose project topics through sessions on humanities like philosophy and writing, and follow up with actual field experts, workshops, and research procedures to explore issues with social value. Finally at the design solution phase, members work with professors in the fields of design and current design industry experts to fine tune their projects to present at the final annual exhibition.

Dongwook Yang, Jaeyeon Jeong, Myeonghee Kim, YoungKyeong Jeong

COCUN is a brand that offers app services and sleep-aid appliances for healthier leisure time before bed. Arrange phone usage plans with the app before sleeping, then physically distance the phone by docking it to a COCUN station beside the bed. Afterwards, spend leisure time while controlling control the contents of the phone mirrored on the ceiling by a beam projector and naturally fall asleep at a proper time.

Jinwon Lee, Sojeong Shim, Subin Cho

INTIME proposes a new concept of time for Generation Z. Doesn’t the music end as soon as you are ready to leave the house? Playlists fill up time for Generation Z. Search, select, and listen to playlists suitable for various situations such as cleaning, concentrating, or exercising. INTIME makes daily repetitive tasks more enjoyable in a clever way. When time and algorithm are set in a specific location through AR, a playlist that fits the user’s routine comes through the speaker. It can be in the shower, on the desk, or at the dressing table!

Vivify (Object)
Subin Choi, Minseong Woo, Hyerim Kim, YuKyeong Jeong

Vivify (Object) ‘Ideas with Light, Blooms in Dimensions.’ is an exhibition of stories that illuminate the ideas conceived by the members of Samsung Design Membership. In Vivify (Object), the members not only discover the aspects of an object, but also explore what value it stores. Their thoughts retain the light that shined upon them during this exploration. The illuminated minds are projected onto an object, which expands into 3 dimensions and blooms into a new one. We hope the ideas encapsulated in the Vivify (Object) exhibition become an influence for anyone who sees Samsung Design Membership.

X: Undiscovered
Dahye Kim, Leejun Chang, Jiyoung Choi, Boyoon Hur, Junpyo Hong

‹X: Undiscovered› is an exhibition that reveals the identity of ‘X’, a concealed, futuristic world of humanity. Today, we are on the verge of the next world of ‘X’, which abruptly emerged under the term ‘new normal’. This world, which hasn’t fully revealed its true nature, simultaneously presents fear and anticipation. Through this exhibition, we meticulously defined the order of the new world ‘X’ and proposed a compatible future design. We hope this discovery will be the solution to alleviate the fears of tomorrow.

Yunhui Kim, Yoora Goh, Jusang Jang, Jaeyun Jung

Kaffet is a location-based online street performance service that reinterprets ‘busking’ (street performance) for the new normal era. Passersby gathering together to relish music is now a rare sight, but the idea of ‘coincidental music,’ which is the essence of busking, can be altered in new ways. Kaffet allows users to coincidentally encounter busking performances within their own spaces or at specific locations.

Hyunkyung Jung, Junghyun Bang, Dahee Son, Huisu Jo

Adapth breaks free from ad hoc work-from-home situations and creates a new work environment suitable for the new normal era. Strict work environments are gradually becoming unnecessary as more and more companies are implementing work-from-home policies in today’s new normal lifestyle. Adapth is utilized as a desk while working from home, and the Adapth pad offers an extended work experience. Adapth provides a comfortable work environment while naturally harmonizing with surrounding spaces, and will be the new method of adapting to the home office environment.

Sojin Kim, Seoungyeon Roh, Sewook Oh, Hojung Lee, Minhyuk Jo

“The discovery of oddity is the discovery of possibility.” Ordinary-Oddinary, a juxtaposition of two words that sound similar but have different meanings, is an exhibition that conveys the potential hidden in the oddities of everyday life. We are often so used to ordinary standards, which sometimes prevents us from noticing different perspectives. This exhibition features oddities discovered by seven different teams within Samsung Design Membership and seeks to propose new possibilities through these findings. We hope this exhibition inspires continued contemplations on the oddities of our lives, leading to embracing and reflecting on these discoveries.

Kihyun Kim, Eunji Ko, Dahee Son, Yunhui Kim, Yoomin Sun

Sanute is a combination of a closet and drying rack that alleviates the burden of having to pick up clothes from the drying rack to store them. Users can wear clothes straight from the drying rack as they would from the closet. When you hang your clothes on Sanute, it automatically ventilates and dehumidifies your clothes, and the internal antibacterial freshener keeps your clothes hygienic and fragrant. Sanute goes beyond of simply being a new kind of drying rack from which you can directly wear your clothes to proposing a new way of life for single-person households.

Jinju Choo, Minseong Woo, Kyudae Lee, Jiyoung Choi, Yeseul Kim, Nalim Joung

Voya! is a local exploration service for people who like to travel as if they are exploring. As traveling has become a staple of our daily lives, more and more people are pursuing novel and unique travel experiences. Voya! helps travelers discover special local information in coincidental and exciting ways, even if it is an impromptu trip. It also lets travelers focus wholly on their travels through the gimbal camera that conveniently provides functions like taking photos, searching, and navigating that are distractions while travel.

These are images of the project named Joyin
Hyungjoon Koo, Hyejin Kim, Jiyoon Min, Doyeon Sung

Joyin is a service that assists communication between residents in massive shared housing com-plexes, which are projected to become the standard residential lifestyle of the future. This service equips the front door, which is essentially a barrier between personal space and the outside, with a projector that provides information about the preferences and personalities of the resident. Through Joyin, you can also gain information regarding culture exchanges and gatherings. Joyin transforms the front door from a barrier to a method of communication.

These are images of the project named Pingpong
Jaewan Choi, Soyoung Lee, Wonjae Lee, Hanna Yoo

Pingpong is a pet IoT service that helps communication between people and their pets. The smart clip sensor tracks the behavior, activity, and heartrates of pets to perceive five emotional states of Comfort, Joy, Stress, Fear, and Loneliness. These states are displayed in individually col-ored lighting through the smart clip and leash. Pingpong then suggests appropriate responses to these emotional states through a mobile app, further assisting pet owners to have meaningful communication with their pets.

These are images of the project named Dearbell
Jooan Lee, Hyebin Lee, Daeun Yoo, Hyunkyu Chung

Dearbell is a smart beam lighting apparatus that helps the entrance of a home become a place of communication. Dearbell, inspired by the concept of a bell that tolls to bring good news, recognizes family members through a sensor to display family messages and information with a projector. You can also send messages through an app to convey heartfelt feelings for your be-loved family.

This is an image of members voting for their favorite idea.

Samsung Project

Samsung Project is a work experience program through which members can get first-hand experience in the field. With the help of countless experts active in their respective fields, members can develop insight in various areas of work from product planning, development, to marketing, and improve their abilities as professional designers by gaining actual work capabilities and developing expertise.

Membership Council

Samsung Design Membership is operated by self-governing councils that members join voluntarily. These councils are organized in three sub-groups; ACTIVE is responsible for organizing events to encourage enthused internal communication, JOIN manages online channels and PR events, and CARRY oversees the management of IT products and books that are provided to serve as sources of design inspiration and knowledge. Each council determines their course of action and goals to perform their roles and support the improvement of the membership.

    • These are images of Completion & Admission Ceremony 2021.
    • Completion & Admission Ceremony 2021

      Dec. 2021

    • The completion ceremony for Samsung Design Membership was held in December. The ceremonial event prepared by the members marks the end of their membership. Following the event, the admission ceremony is held for new members. The year ends with both completion and admission ceremonies, where some will organize pleasant memories while others prepare for a new beginning. Samsung Design Membership promises to start anew by sharing a new culture of design.

    • These are images of Leather Crafting, Futsal Small Groups.
    • Leather Crafting, Futsal Small Groups

      Feb-Sep. 2021

    • Samsung Design Membership encourages members to freely administrate small groups under the pursuit of independent learning and continuous sharing. Members can expand the scope of their capabilities by operating small groups in and out of the design field, such as futsal and leather crafting.

    • These are images of 2020 Healing Camp.
    • 2020 Healing Camp

      Jul. 2020

    • Samsung Design Membership pursues a culture where members naturally share ideas, show mutual respect, and develop teamwork in a collaborative situation. Based on this orientation session, we conducted a Healing Camp for the purpose of cultural exchange between members.

    • These are images of M.Group Small Groups.
    • M.Group Small Groups

      2020 (Ongoing)

    • Samsung Design Membership encourages members to freely administrate small groups under the pursuit of independent learning and continuous sharing. Members can expand the scope of their capabilities by operating small groups in and out of the design field, such as studio photography, material studies, and leather crafting.

    • These are images of Samsung Design Membership General Meeting in 2019.
    • Samsung Design Membership General Meeting (Halloween Theme)

      Oct. 2019

    • Samsung Design Membership holds a monthly general meeting (to share issues and progresses of the past month). All members gather to socialize and freely share their thoughts and opinions that contribute to improving Samsung Design Membership as a whole. In October, we had a general meeting in celebration of Halloween. The Samsung Design Membership space was decorated in a Halloween theme, and fun social activities like photo booths and games were organized. Members also participated in a unique exercise of eating together in the dark.

    • These are images of Summer MT in 2019.
    • Summer MT 2019

      Jul. 2019

    • Members of Samsung Design Membership went on a summer retreat to escape from all the heat. The retreat was held at a resort that had a cool swimming pool in the corner and tents on the rooftop that were fully stocked with fun board games. Members enjoyed the retreat by swimming in the pools all day or being immersed in exciting board game matches. It was a meaningful time that rejuvenated everyone’s energy in anticipation of the MCP exhibition that was soon to be held.

    • These are images of Membership Sports day in 2019.
    • Membership Sports 2019

      May. 2019

    • Samsung Design Membership held a sports day in a park near the Han River on one bright and sunny day. Members enjoyed a refreshing day under the sun, taking a break from sitting in the office developing new ideas and design languages. The ‘Active Team’ that is responsible for fun events took charge to prepare trendy games for everyone, filling this day with beautiful and fulfilling memories for everyone.

    • These are images of Samsung Design Membership’s space renewed in 2019.
    • Space Renewal

      Feb. 2019

    • Samsung Design Membership’s interior structure has gone through an overhaul to minimize the discomfort our members were experiencing. The M.Library provides a place where members can read together, and the M.Gallery is a space in the middle of the entrance where members’ artworks are exhibited to give a powerful first impression to visitors. Through this space renewal, Samsung Design Membership’s interior environment has been revamped to align with its vision to become a Design Playground that thrives with bright and vigorous energy.

    • These are images of the event of shooting members’ profile photos.
    • Members’ Profile Photography 2019

      Jan. 2019

    • Samsung Design Membership provides photo shoots for members to take personal profile pictures that capture each member’s unique individuality. These photos are then used in various membership activities for the remaining year.

    • These are images of 2019 Creative Membership promotional video production.
    • Promotional Video Production

      Jan. 2019

    • Members became creators to produce a promotional video for Samsung Design Membership. New members and existing members got together to create a video that features Samsung Design Membership’s spaces and culture, and in the process were able to bond with one another and learn more in-depth about the membership.

    • These are images of Completion Ceremony in 2018.
    • Completion Ceremony 2018

      Dec. 2018

    • In December, Samsung Design Membership held its completion ceremony for members who have since grown fond of each other. Members carried out their final membership activities by preparing this event themselves. The ceremony celebrated the happy and precious moments that members have spent together.

    • These are images of Summer MT in 2018.
    • Summer MT 2018

      Jul. 2018

    • Samsung Design Membership members went on a special Summer Retreat. Members had an incredible time and created many memories with one another through fun water activities and great food. It was a great way to recharge after preparing for the MCP Course Exhibit.

    • These are images of Membership Sports Day in 2018.
    • Membership Sports Day 2018

      Jun. 2018

    • The Samsung Design Membership Sports Day was held in the sunny month of June. This time, members brought their beloved pets to have a Sports Day filled with spirited energy. To enhance camaraderie between members and exercise together, members teamed-up in their sub-groups to compete in mini-games and have a cheerful and splendid time.