This is an image of AirDresser Gold Mirror’s door.

Samsung AirDresser Design Story

We now turn on air purifiers to clear the air instead of opening windows. Laundry that was just washed now goes straight to the dryer instead of being hung on a rack. As times and environments change, our interests and the products we need change as well. The scene at our homes transforms through electronic devices that bring meaning and convenience to our ever-changing lives. The garment refresher, which is a clothing care appliance that removes pollutants from clothes to keep it fresh, is at the center of this transformative change. The Samsung AirDresser emerges as a new standard for garment refreshing appliances through its meticulous, user-minded functions and external form that naturally blends into its surroundings.

This is an image of AirDresser Gold Mirror.

The Samsung AirDresser has been created for people who want to create
a meaningful space that is filled with their personal style instead of stereotypical
sentiments or interior designs. Going beyond the basic function of freshening
up clothes, the Samsung AirDresser’s design satisfies the high standards
of our users and their changed lifestyles by bringing an aesthetic glow to its
space whether it is being used or not.

This is an image of AirDresser Gold Mirror.

Form that Connects Space with the Product

We contemplated on a design that can blend with
its surrounding space even when it is not in use.
We wanted the Samsung AirDresser to become
a monument that establishes the atmospheric
mood with its unparalleled presence, at the same
time serve as a faithful home appliance that provides
convenience to our lives. Light is one of the basic
elements that make up space and form. We applied
the entire front surface of the door with mirror and
glass, which are materials that can effectively embrace
light. When light gently trickles down from above
the product and the space it occupies, the boundaries
between space and product start to fade.

Image of top edge of AirDresser gold mirror.

The mirror and glass materials of the door and the
aluminum metal used for the door frame each boast a
different collaborative combination that showcases
unconventionally attractive aesthetics. We also applied
the corners of the product with more volume to imbue
warm sentiments into the frigidity of the materials.

There are 4 doors of AirDresser.

  • . This is an image of AirDresser Gold Mirror. / A detailed image of the AirDresser gold mirror door.

    Gold Mirror,
    a Mood that Interprets
    Space as a Scenic View

    The mirror becomes a window through which space is
    seen as a scenic view. It also serves a practical purpose
    by being placed in an area that needs mirrors. Gradients
    and delicate pinstripe patterns have been applied so
    that users’ reflections are portrayed with an added
    sense of mood. The mirror not only effectively functions
    as a full-body mirror, but it also becomes an extension
    of space that harmonizes with its environment whether
    alone or accompanied by other elements.

  • This is an image of AirDresser wood brown. / A detailed image of AirDresser wood brown door.

    Wood Brown,
    the Modern
    of Nature’s Depth

    Wood Brown emerges as an interior object conceived by the blend
    between deep brown and the sensibilities of nature exuding from
    the soft textures of wood. The properties of glass that mysteriously
    reflect texture, weightiness, and light harmoniously interact with
    different interior materials to brighten up your space with exquisite

  • This is an image of AirDresser wood rose. / A detailed image of AirDresser wood rose door.

    Wood Rose,
    the Symbolic Item of a Space

    Wood Rose illuminates our everyday space like a
    shimmering gem through its high-class sophistication.
    Its warmly lit beauty breathes life into your space while
    simultaneously acting as an interior centerpiece. The
    glass features a delicate texture as soft as cashmere,
    transforming the spatial atmosphere into a brand-new
    and special place.

  • This is an image of AirDresser classic white. / A detailed image of AirDresser classic white door.

    Classic White,
    Instilled with
    Unchanging Values

    Classic White exudes a modern simplicity that can naturally ease into
    any space. When seen from afar, it brings completion and consistency
    with the surrounding environment, and when seen from up close,
    you will witness a young and sensible mood established by lively dot
    patterns reflected in the glass.

The woman is pleasantly smelling the blanket.

Having freshly cleaned clothes ready for you in the morning is an amazing feeling.
Wearing your favorite clothes would even put you in the mood to make impromptu
dinner plans. Wouldn’t the values of your daily lives become much different
if the unique beauty of the materials in your clothes are always fresh, regardless
of the day or type of garment? The Samsung AirDresser redesigns your day-to-day
life through smart services and meticulously detailed care for your clothes.

Refreshing Care

that Makes You Want to

Dress-up Right Away

Since clothes directly touch your skin, cleanliness
and hygiene are incredibly important. The Samsung
AirDresser doesn’t stop at just brushing off dust or
odor, but it is designed to eliminate dust, odor, and
harmful pollutants, as well as eradicating any
remaining residual microdust. This two-layered care
for your clothes ushers in a new era of garment
refreshing that takes a step beyond ordinary garment
care. You can also easily get rid of fine lines using the
wrinkle removal course, so you can put on clothes
just as you head out without any extra effort.

The internal image of the AirDresser.
Shirts is hanging on the AirDresser.
Two pants are hanging on the AirDresser.
The white tops are hanging on the hanger.

My Closet application screen.

A Smart Wardrobe

in the Palm of Your Hand

From suits, wool/knit, uniforms, baby clothes, winter
coats, to bed sheets. You can utilize specialized care
for each pertaining clothing type. You can enter up to
ten different courses and even download new courses
through the Smart Things App for additional use.
The My Closet* App works in liaison with clothing
brands to recommend specialized care that is appropriate
for the fiber compositions of your clothing. You can scan
barcodes on the labels of your clothes for supported
brands to save information on the App and even check
maintenance histories for each garment.
*The My Closet App supports automatic recommendation services for
six brands of Samsung C&T.

There are 4 doors of AirDresser.

From a garment refresher that cares for your clothes
and protects your health to a fashion home appliance that
promotes the values of clothes and secures the elegance
of your space. The Samsung AirDresser will elevate the meaning
of everyday life to new heights through user-centered designs
and functions that are deeply considerate and respectful
of the lifestyles of users.