Be Bold.
Resonate with Soul.

Reinterpreted Samsung Design Philosophy

Today’s generation seek value over technology and experience more than attainment. As such, the way people observe or interact with objects changes over time. Samsung Electronics preemptively imagines the experiences customers will face in the coming new age and draws a detailed picture of the unforeseeable future in the perspective of customers.

New Era,
New Thinking

Design starts from understanding our customers and becomes truly compelling when it enters our lives. Samsung Design Philosophy remains at the center of the foundation that embodies new experiences created by instilling emotion into products and services. It is the vessel that captures ‘Samsungness,’ the language that leads customers to resonance, and the lighthouse that guides the path for Samsung Electronics designers. Samsung Design Philosophy strives for not only refined aesthetics but also sentimental experiences and emotional values. As the new age ushers in, our philosophy has been redefined to cater to the customers of today.

These are images of people appear young generation.

This is a video of Samsung design philosophy slogan with graphic effect.

Samsung Electronics aspires to create unique and bold designs that endlessly pursue new discoveries and adventures. We make sure to instill authenticity and emotional sensibility into our design so that it permeates naturally into our daily lives.

We are conscious pioneers who challenge the status quo and speak with a voice that translates into true value for our customers. Through our designs, we pave the path to a better world with more exciting experiences, meaningful stories, and organic connections.

This is an image of hallway brightening by neon signs.

We now live in a time when the value of a product is evaluated based on experience. Samsung Electronics serves as the pioneer of this new era to boldly challenge the road not taken and propose new possibilities. These newly discovered possibilities will go on to deeply resonate in the hearts of our customers to become reborn as valuable experiences. Samsung Design Philosophy will be the foundation for the journey to create a better future that fills our everyday lives with true values.